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About project

The legend is, the real magic is magic of taste. Chinese masters perfectly know the alchemy of cooking, because they can create a unique dish from any kind of products.

Their ability to create an incredible taste, and took away love of many people around the world. We  can not  say the same about any other national cuisine. The true miracle is very simple thing, because all genious - is simple.

Chinese Food

Chinese food  combines five tastes - the sour, sweet, salty, spicy and bitter. Every note of this symphony stands out not only for taste but also the color and flavor. Chinese believe that food should  make a pleasure not just for  tongue and stomach, also the eyes and nose.

The Chinese nation has a rich history and tradition, which certainly made an impact on the food. The most dishes are prepared with minimal fat and  maximum dose of nutrients.

Quick Li

Quick Li will give you the most impression of  Chinese food. We can say that because our chef had a good expirience directly in Beijing. That's why our kitchen combines the tradition and quality. We are happy to bring the special taste of magic to your home or office. All dishes  Quick Li – its unforgettable celebration of flavor! 


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